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Unique modified atmosphere pack designed for fruits and vegetables

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Unique modified atmosphere pack designed for fruits and vegetables
A MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) system capable of extending the post harvest life of certain fruits and vegetables
In Use – The BreatheWay Membrane Bag is currently used to ship asparagus from Peru. Importers from the UK, Spain and Switzerland have expressed an interest in using the technology.

Product Waste Reduction, Shelf life extension

Product Categories

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Flexible & Films

Supply Chain Phase
Filling, Harvesting


This new packaging incorporates a patented membrane technology that naturally preserves freshness and extends the shelf life of fresh products. The patented membrane automatically adjusts to compensate for mild temperature fluctuations in the cold chain, creating very low oxygen atmospheres without the risk of anaerobic conditions or unacceptably high levels of carbon dioxide.
The manufacturers claim this is the first and only packaging of its kind to be able to manage all three critical aspects of modified atmosphere packaging for produce: correct gas mix, ideal humidity level and the ability to adjust to mild in-transit temperature fluctuations.
A key advantage that the membrane Bag system has over other MAP products is that the levels of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide can be regulated independently to the optimal level required for each product. This gas selectivity allows design of packages that can have very low oxygen levels while maintaining the  best Carbon Dioxide levels without the risk of creating anaerobic conditions that can lead to off flavors and aromas. The permeability does not depend on the material of the bag itself, so manufacture of the pack can be tailored to the exact application needed, whether that be eliminating condensation, retaining moisture, improving transparency or any other feature.
This membrane bag, known as BreathWay, is the intellectual property of Apio Inc, which is a subsidiary of LAndec Corp.
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Potential Benefits

The key benefit of this particular packaging system is the elimination of product waste, especially during the supply chain for fresh produce. This is reflected in some of its current applications.

Intellectual Property

The BreatheWay technology is the intellectual property of  Apio, Inc. in Guadalupe California, a subsidiary of Landec Corp.
Breakthough Solutions LLP licences the technology from Apio.

Consultant View

As well as reducing waste in the supply chain, the extended shelf life provided by this technology allows some perishable products to be shipped by sea rather than by air, thereby reducing food "air miles".
It is recommended to complete further searches of the REID database so as not to miss other related or alternative technologies which could deliver similar benefits. For example "New PET barrier material" - Known as HB 4000 from Ecostar. Relevant search terms may include barriers, MAP, etc

Contacts and Further Information

Company contact details:
Breakthrough Solutions LLC
1790 Lakeshore Circle
Weston  FL  33326
Tel: +1 954 319 5255
Technology contact:
Narisco Vivot
Business Development Partner

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