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Food tray delivers improved shelf-life and product protection

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Food tray delivers improved shelf-life and product protection
An innovative film seals to all surfaces of a food tray, tightly covering the entire contents and excludes oxygen
In Use – This packaging format is available in the UK and Europe and is used for products such as ready meals.

Product Waste Reduction, Shelf life extension

Product Categories

Relevant Materials
Metal, Plastic – Flexible

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Supply Chain Phase
Design, Filling, Packing, Retailing, Storage


This innovative vacuum-packed oven-ready foil tray is suitable for a wide variety of food products and offers pack minimisation, reduced food wastage, no leaking and increased product protection. The SKINfoil™ tray offers an enhanced shelf life of up to 10 days for certain products and cooking processes, although the manufacturer has reported that some customers have obtained up to 30 days shelf-life.
The film offers total surface coverage and high transparency, while ensuring that all food items are held securely in place thus maintaining product presentation. The resulting packs can be displayed vertically if required, while the fixed placement of the food further optimises product protection during transit and on the shelf. The film can also prevent freezer burn.
The flexibility of the film enables it to accommodate variable product dimensions or quantities, with the skin packaging being adjusted for different product shapes. In addition, a top lidding film, sleeve or band can be added to enable the trays to be stacked, while both the skin and top lidding film are easily peelable by consumers.
The solution is suitable for a wide variety of food products such as ready-to-cook meals, fish and seafood, game and fowl, meat and sausages.
The new SKINfoil™ tray, has been developed by Nicholl Food Packaging in partnership with Bemis and Multivac.
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Potential Benefits

The key benefits of this packaging solution is in reduced food wastage in the supply chain as product is held securely, preventing damaged caused by vibration or movement in transit. Additionally, the product uses less packaging than some alternative packaging formats.

Intellectual Property

The SKINfoil™ solution has been developed and trademarked by Nicholl Food Packaging in association with Bemis Europe, who supply the film, and Multivac UK, who has developed a special SKINfoil™ tray sealing machine.

Consultant View

This product has the potential to reduce food wastage through reducing product damage in the supply chain and it also uses less packaging material than some alternative packaging formats.  Researchers should interrogate the REID database using search terms such as "light-weighting" and "shelf life extension" in order to review other technolgies which may be of interest.

Contacts and Further Information

Company details:
Nicholl Food Packaging Limited
Walkmill Lane
WS11 0XA
Technology contact details:
Tel: +44 (0) 1543 460400

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