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Ultra light weight PET 330 ml container

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Ultra light weight PET 330 ml container
Featherweight 330ml PET container, weighing in at just 4.4g
In Use – This product is commercially available from Krones

Packaging Reduction

Product Categories
Drinks, Other

Relevant Materials
Plastic – rigid

Relevant Packaging Formats

Supply Chain Phase


 This container’s technical innovations are firstly its subdivision into disparate functional areas, and secondly its stabilisation by means of pressurisation with  nitrogen to prevent it from collapsing during transit and handling. Properly harmonised interaction of thread, closure, material distribution, and design, plus the use of nitrogen, are all crucial in achieving this 4.4-gram PET container.

The PET container was developed by Krones using a proprietary NitroPouch concept. The container has a wall thicknesses of between 0.1 – 0.06 millimetres, the weight of the neck finish, a customised Bericap Hexalite, at 1.3 grams, is also minimal.  Having lightweighted the container the pack is pressurised with nitrogen at 1.5Bar in order to give it rigidity.  This is necessary to maintain the integrity of the packs during distribution when the packs are likely to be stacked.  However, the nitrogen is released by the consumer on opening and whilst weakening the pack it does not represent an issue as the open pack is not likely to be stacked


Potential Benefits

The main benefit from lightweighting packaging materials is in the form of reduced use of the packaging material with a consequent reduction in C02 impact.

Intellectual Property

The container is marketed by Krones as the “PETLite 4.4” 
The NitroPouch concept used to produce the container is also proprietary to Krones.

Consultant View

This manufacturers innovative approach to lightweighting a 330ml PET container has the potential to reduce waste packaging sent to landfill and the concept has the potential be expanded to other pack formats. However, the positive benefit of lightweighting  packaging materials needs to be balanced to ensure there is no loss of functionality for the consumer.

Contacts and Further Information

Mr. Alexander Schau
Bottle Design
Plastics Division
Böhmerwaldstr. 5
93073 Neutraubling
Phone:    +49 9401 70-5878
Fax:        +49 9401 70-1 5878
Mobile:    +49 151 1880 6555

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