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High pressure processing technology doubles the shelf life of beef burgers

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High pressure processing technology doubles the shelf life of beef burgers
Cargill's Fressure beef burgers use high pressure processing technology to improve shelf life.
In Use – Currently used in food service applications in the USA.

Product Waste Reduction, Shelf life extension

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Global food maker Cargill has introduced its Fressure ground-beef patties, which it claims have double the shelf life of traditional fresh burgers. The company is using high-pressure processing technology to increase the shelf life of products from 21 to 42 days.
It is an entirely natural process that does not use high temperatures, chemicals or irradiation, while retaining the nutrient value and freshness of the ground beef.
High-pressure processing technology enhance food safety by diminishing many foodborne pathogens, such as E. coli O157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes, and pathogenic Salmonella sp., as well as microorganisms that can cause spoilage. Typical fresh ground beef burgers start showing changes in flavour toward the latter part of the shelf life due to the growth of spoilage bacteria causing sour or tangy traits that change the flavour.
The package is placed inside a pressure chamber, water is added around the exterior and the chamber is sealed. The chamber is programmed to increase the pressure to maximum desirable level and sustain it for a set period of time. During this process, pressure is applied equally to a number of areas so that neither the package nor the product is crushed. The chamber is decompressed and the products are removed and reboxed, ready for shipping.

Potential Benefits

In addition to retaining the freshness of ground beef patties, this process also increases the shelf life on average to double the industry standard.

Intellectual Property

Cargill Inc has a patent pending on this process.

Consultant View

Although currently used in the food service sector, this technology has the potential to be transferred to the consumer sector, where there is a preferance for freshness over frozen and where it could contribute to reduced product wastage in the home through extended shelf-life.

Contacts and Further Information

Company details:
Cargill Inc
PO Box 9300
MN 55440-9300
Technology contact details:
Brent Wolke (VP Foodservice Meat Business)

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