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Aseptic carton with reduced carbon footprint

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Aseptic carton with reduced carbon footprint
An aseptic carton pack for liquid food with a new composite structure for a reduced carbon footprint
In Use – Milch-Union Hocheifel eG (MUH), a manufacturer of long-life dairy products, is to be the first company in the world to launch Combibloc EcoPlus.

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This aseptic carton has a new composite structure, with a special, unprocessed board (with 82% fibre content) providing the material's rigidity and light barrier. A new ultra-thin polyamide layer acts as a barrier to protect against flavour impairment and external odours. An internal polyethylene layer forms a liquid barrier for the product and an external layer protects the packaging substrate. Overall, an aseptic carton for liquid food from this construction has a lower carbon footprint than a comparable pack made from traditional aseptic carton composite materials.
To begin with, the carton will be used in the long-life milk and dairy products segments, and in the future the concept will be expanded to include aseptic carton packs for non-carbonated juice products.

The carton, known as EcoPlus, is produced by Combibloc. They can be processed using the standard filling machines from SIG Combibloc. All that is required is a one-off adjustment to the filling machine parameters. The filling machines can fill standard carton sleeves as well as Combibloc EcoPlus sleeves.
Milch-Union Hochfiefel eG (MUH) is the first company in the world to launch Combibloc EcoPlus. MUH, one of the biggest manufacturers of long-life dairy products in Europe, will initially be offering UHT milk in a range of fat content grades in Combibloc EcoPlus.

Potential Benefits

A CO2 reduction of 28% is claimed when EcoPlus is compared to a 1-litre carton pack from a traditional composite carton substrate. This reduction in CO2 has been independently calculated by the Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung (IFEU/Institute for Energy and Environmental Research) in Heidelberg, Germany.

Intellectual Property

The EcoPlus is patent protected by SIG Combibloc.

Consultant View

This package offers CO2 reduction potential without compromising on pack performance or requiring costly investments. However, it is only applicable for existing Combibloc packaging users or those companies utilising contract packers with appropriate capabilities. However, there are many other entries in the REID database which highlight technologies for reducing the weight and/or carbon impact of beverage and liquid food packaging. REID users are encouraged to search for other entries using the filters and key word search functions.

Contacts and Further Information

Company contact details:
SIG Combibloc GmbH
Rurstrasse 58, D-52441 Linnich

UK office:
SIG Combibloc Limited
Blackthorn Way, Houghton-le-Spring, DH4 6JN, United Kingdom
Phone +44 (0)191 387 8000, Fax +44 (0)191 385 4713

Technology contact:
Cindy Haast (Marketing Manager - Europe North)
Phone Direct +44 (0)191 387 8028

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