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New technology to extract water from potatoes for reuse

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New technology to extract water from potatoes for reuse
New technology to extract water from potatoes for reuse in the cooking process.
In Development – Once perfected, the technology is to be rolled out intially across all Walkers Crisp plants in the UK and Ireland.

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Typically 80% of a potato is water. Previously this water was lost during the cooking part of the production process for crisps. But a new technology is being  developed to extract water from potatoes to be reused for cleaning potatoes before they are cooked.
The process is being developed by PepsiCo UK and Ireland as part of their pledge to unplug its largest sites from the water mains by 2018. If successful, the producer of the Walkers crisp brand hopes to scale up the innovative technology and share it with its developing markets.
Once perfected the system will be rolled out over four crisp manufacturing sites.
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Potential Benefits

As well as reducing the overall water footprint of the crisp manufacturing sites, this will also save the company money on its water utility bill.

Intellectual Property

PepsiCo are pioneering this technology to allow the reuse of water embedded in potatoes.

Consultant View

This technology is being developed with potato chip production in mind, but there must be similar opportunities in other food manufacturing processes. Readers are also encouraged to look for other water saving technologies in the REID database. Try entering Water as a search term.

Contacts and Further Information

Company details:
Walkers Snack Foods Bursom Road
Beaumont Leys
Leicester LE4 1BS

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