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Synthetic labelling adhesives for glass bottle labelling

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Synthetic labelling adhesives for glass bottle labelling
German manufacturer Henkel has developed a new range of high performance synthetic adhesives for glass bottle labelling.
In Use – Applied to single trip and returnable glass bottles in the brewing sector.

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Bottles and jars, Labels

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Henkel claims to have achieved a technological breakthrough with its new casein-free product series, Optal XP. For many years the brewing industry has relied on tried and trusted water-based casein adhesives to label its glass beverage bottles. Given that casein is a raw material derived from cow’s milk, the beverage industry’s adhesives budgets are affected by sharp periodic swings. The logical alternative is to use adhesives based on synthetic polymers, which offer the additional advantage of longer storage stability and lower consumption. Up to now, however, the products available on the market showed certain limitations when compared directly with casein adhesives.
In addition to wet tack strength, the synthetic Optal XP adhesives have a high resistance to ice-water and condensation and therefore exhibit good adhesion to chilled glass surfaces. They also offer economic and processing advantages when it comes to labelling re-usable bottles as problems previously experienced with casein-free labelling adhesives have been overcome through significantly improved cleaning and wash-off performance.

Potential Benefits

Longer storage times means that there is likely to be inventory wastage. Easier and improved cleaning of reusable glass bottles also helps to improve the competitiveness of reusables.

Intellectual Property

Optal XP is supplied by Henkel AG & Co. KGaA.

Consultant View

Although reusable glass containers do not have a signficant market penetration in the UK, the fact that these labels can be stored longer may also make them a benefit for single use containers, avoiding unnecessary inventory waste at the bottling and filling plant. 

Contacts and Further Information

Company details:
Henkel AG & Co KGaA
Henkelstr. 67
40191 Dusseldorf
Tel: +49 211 797 4140
Technology contact details:
Oliver Juntgen
Tel: +49 211 797 2569

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