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Chill Pod/ Thermal Space Saver

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For transporting or storage - keeps produce warm or cold at an acceptable temperature without haveing to plug anything in
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Storage and Transport efficiency

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Drinks, Food

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Supply Chain Phase
Storage, Supply Chain handling systems and store replenishment, Transportation


Chill Pod material is made from metallic reflective material which has been independently tested and approved to keep produce warm or cold over a perod of time without other assistance or the use of electricity.  Made in the UK the material can be made to specific size or customers can choose from standard products to fit standard storage equipment. Thermal Space Saver includes a collapable crate giving the user more storage space when not in use compared to a typical poly box system.  Some of our tote bag are stand alone products.

Potential Benefits

Keeps produce warm or chilled at an acceptable temperature when in storage or transport.
Keeps produce frozen for 4-5 hours.
Ideal for temporary storage at busy times of the year.
Transporting samples long distance.
Removes the need for refrigerated transport.
Made in the UK - bespoke solutions available
Independently tested and approved to outperform other thermal materials on the market.  

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Mike Brown 01603 702374 

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