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Fresh Pod
Extends the life of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers by up to four times
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Fresh Pod - 100 % safe and natural, Fresh Pod removes ethylene from the environment ensuring fresh fruit, vegetables or flowers stay fresh for up to four times longer. Independently tested and approved to work organics as well as main stream produce. The product is harmless and when spent can be disposed of into landfill with no detrimental effects. It actual becomes a natural fertilizer - therefore good for the soil.  Fresh Pod comes in a range of products from a small sachets for use in boxes to a large filter machine for warehouses of considerable size and costs pence to use whether for a large scale commercial concern or the average household fridge.  Fresh Pod also removes airborne bacteria, moulds and spores from the environment which can assist with spoilage.         

Potential Benefits

Keeps fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers fresh, crisp and tastier for up to four times longer.
Gives flexibility in the sales process for commercial companies.  
Different solutions for different storage and transport problems.
The average household throws away £480 or fresh produce into landfill every year. Fresh Pod will reduce wastage.
Removes invisible airborne rots, moulds and spores in storage.

Intellectual Property

Licenced in the UK and Europe to Fresh Pod Ltd 

Consultant View

Independently tested and approved by several Universities in the UK and abroad. Evidence available on application.l 

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