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MirriEco Ag
MirriEco Ag is a metallic board used for packaging and POS. MirriEco Ag is recyclable, this direct metallised product there uses no PET film in the production process or product.
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Drinks, Household & Personal Care, Other

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Laminates, Paper

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As retailers and brands strive to limit their environmental impact by using materials that are eco friendly, print buyers are looking for environmental alternatives to oil based products. To meet this demand, Mirri has developed MirriEco Ag, a fully recyclable product. MirriEco Ag is direct metallised high quality board. This sustainable alternative is recyclable, repulpable (PTS –method RH 21/97).

MirriEco Ag is suitable for UV litho and conventional printing using oxidising inks, as well as a full range of post press finishes such as die cutting, embossing and cutting and creasing. MirriEco Ag is a repulpable, mono product that can be placed in recycling waste, the metallic layer is then dispersed during the de-inking process.


Potential Benefits

As this product is direct metallised there is no PET film in the production process or product. This makes it recyclable without having to dispose of film, unlike in the production of transfer metalised products on the market.


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Mirri Contact:      
Jennifer Deacon     
Mirri – A division of Celloglas    
Tel: 01189 167307   
Mob: 07768940713

Mirri – A Division of Celloglas

Mirri is a world leading brand of metallic paper and board. Mirri is widely recognised by designers, retailers and brand owners as a tool to communicate quality, innovation and brand category leadership. 



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