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Benefits as seafood market leader converts to plastic

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Benefits as seafood market leader converts to plastic
Bornholms, a market leader in seafood in Scandanavia, has converted most of its packaging from cans to plastic boxes
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Resource efficiency (e.g. filling line efficiency), Shelf life extension, Storage and Transport efficiency

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Relevant Materials
Plastic – rigid

Relevant Packaging Formats
Cans, Other

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Design, Filling, Processing, Transportation


Bornholms, a market leader in seafood in Scandinavia, has converted most of its packaging solutions from cans to plastics boxes, citing the benefits of improved logistics, user-friendliness and a shelf life of two years under ambient temperatures.

RPC Superfos developed a series of four types of packaging with an entirely new oxygen barrier solution, created especially for Bornholms. Under ambient
temperatures, the shelf life is two years for products such as cod roe, mussels and fish balls. In the long run, Bornholms and RPC Superfos expect shelf life to be extended up to three years.

Another positive effect of the new packaging is the reduced carbon footprint. According to Bornholms’ estimates, the company will save more than 200,000
km by truck every year, due not only to the location of the RPC Superfos Distribution Centre, but also to the shape of the packaging – the new conical shape allows a significant amount of extra units on each truck compared to the company’s previous straight-sided pack.

The improved stacking facility also means that the empty pots only demand up to 30 per cent of the warehouse space that was previously required.
Bornholms says the conversion has also allowed the company to increase filling speeds and reduce the cost of the packaging material.

The Bornholms packs has won numerous awards – the Scanstar, WorldStar and Coop Green Idea Prize - in 2013.

Potential Benefits

  • Ambient shelf life of two years
  • Reduced carbon footprint for transport
  • Improved stacking facility

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