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Retortable, portable and sustainable

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Retortable, portable and sustainable
Plastic retortable jars for catering applications
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Packaging Reduction, Product Waste Reduction, Shelf life extension

Product Categories

Relevant Materials
Plastic – rigid

Relevant Packaging Formats
Bottles and jars

Supply Chain Phase
Consumer, Design, Processing


RPC Corby’s range of retortable barrier jars for catering applications represents an ideal mix of food-safe, long-life, lightweight jars with
significant large-format cost savings.

The container’s thermic ribs facilitate expansion and contraction during the heating and cooling stages, enabling the jar to provide the same
quality of processing as metal or glass containers during hot fill or pasteurisation and deliver a typical shelf life of 18 months unopened. It is
easily resealed and can be stored in the fridge without the need to decant contents into a separate container.

This combination of convenience and extended shelf life helps to minimise food waste while the lightweight construction also offers a significant
packaging reduction and a lower cost platform compared to heavier packaging alternatives.

Three key sizes spearhead the range - 3 kg, 5 kg and the Amgall (American Gallon).

Potential Benefits

  • Significant packaging reduction
  • Maximising food preservation, minimising food waste
  • Easily resealed and stored

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