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FlakeFree® technology reduces product waste

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FlakeFree® technology reduces product waste
The Flakefree® feature for containers and lids reduces the amount of paint that is wasted during use.
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Product Waste Reduction

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A market research study carried out by RPC Superfos found that 97 per cent of respondents experienced the problem of paint drying up on the rim and lid of the container and flakes falling into the paint, resulting in a poor quality.

RPC Superfos’s award-winning FlakeFree® containers and lids have a granular texture on the inside, which prevents dry flakes from falling into the content no matter how many times a container is opened and reclosed.

FlakeFree® is available for various RPC Superfos paint containers and lids – SuperCube, SuperFlex and SuperLift – or as part of a customised packaging solution.

Potential Benefits

  • Reduction in product waste through the use of a FlakeFree® textured lid or container to eliminate dry flakes in the paint.
  • Container is resealable with assurance that the contents will remain high quality on re-opening.

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