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Recycled content paint can

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Recycled content paint can
Plastic paint can produced using 25% post-consumer recycled plastic
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Recycled content/recyclability

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Plastic – rigid

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RPC Containers Oakham’s expertise helped a leading paint brand be the first to market with a paint range in cans containing 25 per cent recycled
post-consumer waste content.

The lightweight injection moulded polypropylene containers come in a charcoal-black colour, which replaces the previous white can and creates a vivid contrast between the container and the paint. Though 25% is currently the maximum which can be used without compromising the integrity of the container, RPC Oakham is confident of developing material blends to increase this proportion over coming years.The post-consumer waste used in the cans is sourced from domestic and overseas consumer markets.

Potential Benefits

  • Recycled content which diverts plastic waste from landfill
  • Resource efficiency - reduces demand for virgin plastics
  • Maintains pack functionality

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RPC Containers Ltd,
Schofield Road
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United Kingdom
Tel: +44(0) 1572 723771

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