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Waste Expert management tool for enhanced training, compliance and data management

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Waste Expert management tool for enhanced training, compliance and data management
The Waste Expert platform is a software platform that provides intuitive systems to help companies better manage their waste performance, educate staff, ensure compliance and increase their resource efficiency.
In Use – Being utilised by a number of organisations including NHS Trusts, Universities, Waste Management Contractors and Food Manufacturers

Product Waste Reduction, Resource efficiency (e.g. filling line efficiency), Other

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Our Waste Expert software and eLearning modules enable you to quickly build up your knowledge base and expertise and ultimately improve waste management performance.

Using information from technical specialists, waste operators, regulators and technology developers, the platform enables you to: 'Learn' about the core principles of waste management; 'Comply' with the complex legislation in this area using our range of management tools; and 'Improve' your organisation’s waste management with our step-by-step strategy-builder, data analysis and monitoring tools.

Potential Benefits

This software helps the user to understand their current waste management performance, establish a policy and implement a robust legal compliance management system.  The data management tools within the platform help organisations to identify their key waste waste streams and reduce waste at source, reducing landfill tax liabilities and gain greater value for recyclable materials.  The strategy builder tools and live analysis dashboard help the user to set realistic targets and view and analyse their performance.
The Waste Expert empowers and educates the user providing them with the tools to better manage their waste contractors across multiple sites.

Intellectual Property

Owned by Cloud Sustainability.  Systems are accredited by the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM)

Consultant View

The Waste Expert acts as a 'virtual' waste management consultant.

Contacts and Further Information

Daniel Botterill - Cheif Executive Officer
Rob Bresler - Principal Development Manager 

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