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Ready-Drink Snap-Pack Wine Stack Debuts

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Origin Wine has launched its Stormhoek Stack design, offering consumers something very different on the wine-drinking front
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Origin Wine has launched its Stormhoek Stack design, offering consumers something very different on the wine-drinking front.

The Stormhoek Stack takes the form of a 750ml wine bottle compartmentalised into quadrants. These four portions are actual glasses of wine that, when separated, can be consumed straight away.

The Stormhoek Stack itself boasts serious environmentally-friendly credentials, being fully recyclable. It is also described as lightweight and completely shatterproof - a real bonus if it's to form part of an outdoor party or similar.

Stacked Wine Glass
Incorporating StackTek technology, the design features four stemless PET glasses that have the appearance of glass but are only half the weight and boast a two-year shelf life - a industry first. Each stacked wine glass has the capacity to hold 187 ml of liquid and has a peelable lid, with a tear-strip label used to link together the whole package.

Primarily, the Stormhoek Stack is geared towards consumers who, perhaps unwilling to crack open a whole bottle of wine, instead want to enjoy it one glass at a time. Having made its UK debut at June's London Wine Fair, the product is now market-launched, with the initial Chardonnay boxing having started to appear on some Tesco stores' shelves at a price of £7.49.

Snap-Pack Wine
"We are delighted to launch the Stormhoek Stack to the UK market", explains Origin Wines' Managing Director Bernard Fontannaz, in the company's snap-pack wine stack launch press release.

"The unique StackTek technology offers consumers the convenience of a non-breakable, single-serve glass of wine while retaining the elevated image of wine in a stylish glass. The Stormhoek Stack provides consumers with a practical, emotional and environmental benefit whilst enjoying their favourite wine wherever they choose and provides a unique point of difference at social occasions."

According to information published on its website, Origin Wine last year ranked among South Africa's top three export groups in terms of volume. The company has existed since 2002 and its annual wine exportations now total 85 million litres.

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