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Wine Cap Weight Reduction

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Wine Cap Weight Reduction
Saving 2 grams od material from every 30x60mm ROPP closure
In Use – We have made some mock caps and bottles to show this process can be achieved

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Reducing the size of the ROPP aluminium closure from 30x60mm to 30x26mm and introducing a PET capsule over the cap, improves tamper evidence and saves at least £2/1000 compared to a plain coloured 30x60mm cap.

Potential Benefits

A 30x60 closure is drawn 3 times in its formation, the 30x26mm closure is drawn only once, saving energy and 2 processers. Saving od 2 grams of material from every cap produced. Improved tamper evidence with the capsule. Wine bottles easier to recycle due to les aluminium on the neck. Capsules are made from PET so recyclable.

Intellectual Property


Consultant View

We are looking for a client to trial this cap in real time production and we require accompany that uses both screw cap closures and capsules to combine both in line for the benefit of the trial.

Contacts and Further Information

Viscose Closures Ltd Ray Bruen Tel: +44 7887688880

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