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LG Smart ThinQ

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LG Smart ThinQ
Technology allows users to monitor and control appliances anytime, anywhere with versatile phone apps
In Development – In May 2014 it was available in South Korea with plans to launch in other countries soon (Source:

Product Waste Reduction, Resource efficiency (e.g. filling line efficiency), Water Usage

Product Categories
Drinks, Food, Home Improvement

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Not Applicable

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Consumer, Design


LG Smart ThinQ appliances was developed to merge connectivity, convenience and performance. It allows to monitor and control appliances anytime, anywhere with versatile LG Smart ThinQ phone apps. With the simplest smart phone commands, the owner can change the start time of pre-set wash cycles, download special laundry cycles, keep track of the food in the refrigerator, help create recipes with the food in n the fridge, check oven’s self-cleaning progress.

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Potential Benefits

Energy saving, food waste prevention, carbon saving, water saving,

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