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Breakfast cereal bag with easy-lock

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Breakfast cereal bag with easy-lock
New Flexible Kellogg's Bags Equipped with Easy-Lock by Aplix
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Flexible & Films

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Kellogg's launched a new flexible bag using our intuitive closure EASY-LOCK by APLIX®. These revolutionary flexible bags are now available on shelves in all European countries for SPECIAL K® Muesli and CRUNCHY NUT®. This new bag is more responsive to consumer needs: a less bulky bag, easy to close for the whole family and offering enhanced product preservation.
EASY-LOCK by APLIX® is an innovative polyethylene reclosable system intended for flexible packaging. Its original design comprises self-mating micro hooks, enabling consumers to easily seal their package without perfect alignment. Unlike other closures, EASY-LOCK by APLIX® is perfect for all ages and its resistance to particulates keeps freshness locked in! EASY-LOCK by APLIX® has already received several awards and continues to amaze consumers with its unique features and reliable closure.
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Potential Benefits

Enhanced product preservation. Opportunities in many additional markets such as cheese, coffee, frozen food, pet food, confectionary, detergent.

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