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Convenience Salad Bowl Gets More Sustainable

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Convenience Salad Bowl Gets More Sustainable
Redesign of salad bowl by focusing on sustainability, convenience and economic aspects
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Consumer, Design, Storage


The original convenience salad bowl was very popular with consumers but came with a high amount of packaging and waste. It was bulky and not very convenient. Coop, therefore, decided to adapt a holistic approach to redesign its bowl by focusing on sustainability, convenience and economic aspects. Working with packaging designers and technologists, Coop reduced the packaging material by 30 percent by changing its original package from round to square and using recyclable polyester (RPET). The consumer-valued design enhancement features include a removable, multi-compartment tray that securely snaps onto the container as a lid and a “shake” function that allows consumers to conveniently mix the salad with the salad dressing.
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Coop Cooperative, Switzerland;
Awtec, Switzerland

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