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Improve transportation of products through existing distribution channels

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Improve transportation of products through existing distribution channels
Case study: AidPod for life-saving medicines to Children in Remote Villages through Coca-Cola Distribution Channel
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Medicine remains difficult to obtain in remote villages in sub-Saharan Africa. Consequently, 15 percent of the mortality in this area for children under 5 years old is attributed to diarrhea, an easily treatable illness. Coca-Cola, however, is available almost everywhere in sub-Saharan Africa.

ColaLife, an independent non-profit UK-based agency with the idea to leverage the vast Coca-Cola network, collaborated with pi global, specifically pi 3, who developed a structural, self-contained package for an anti-diarrheal kit to nestle into unused space surrounding crated Coca-Cola bottles.

Called AidPod, the package is securely sealed with a strong film that can withstand severe impact, maintain pack integrity and prevent contamination. The AidPod also contains a soap packet separate from the rest of the contents to support hand washing. The medicine is packaged in single-dose sachets to be mixed with water in the AidPod container, which doubles as a clean mixing and drinking vessel.

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Improve distribution chain. The concept could be applied to different products.

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