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BerryBreeze - slow down food spoilage

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BerryBreeze - slow down food spoilage
Battery-operated device that generate ozone (O3) inside the fridge to slow down food spoilage
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BerryBreeze promises to slow down the spoilage of food by 2-3 days. However, its approach is different in that BerryBreeze tackles bacterial growth within refrigerators. BerryBreeze is a compact, battery-operated device to be placed on a refrigerator shelf and release ozone to combat decomposition caused by bacteria. The goal is to ”eliminate, neutralize and sanitize undesirable microorganisms, germs, mold, yeast, fungus, bacteria, viruses and odors in the refrigerator.” The company states that reduction of these unwanted bacteria in the fridge is the key to maintaining food for 2-3 times longer.
According to the company, BerryBreeze generates activated oxygen for the initial 60 minutes of operation, then automatically switches to standby mode (170 minutes), after which it reactivates for ten minutes and repeats the cycle for 230 minutes until the batteries need replacement (usually five to six months). The company has no set timeline on when to replace the device, but they mention that they have devices in their company’s headquarters which are five years old and still chugging along. The batteries, however, need to be replaced usually every five to six months.
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Slow down the spoilage of food by 2-3 days

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