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Mobile Packaging System

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Mobile Packaging System
RMGroup have successfully designed, manufactured the world’s first Mobile Packaging Line
In Use – 10 sold

Storage and Transport efficiency

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Our idea for the mobile line was born when we realised that there was a demand to bag product from source. Our customers wanted to reduce the cost of transporting product to bagging plants, they needed a robust packaging system that was also versatile enough to cope with rugged terrain, a mobile system that could be transported to various bagging sites and could be set up to bag product within an hour.

To this day, our mobile packaging systems serve quarry owners, aggregate suppliers, coal merchants, and salt suppliers in the UK, Ireland, France and Sweden. 

Please visit our website for more information on Mobile Packaging Systems:

Potential Benefits

Resource efficiency is improved as transportation is decreased significantly . This in turn saves time & money, whilst reducing Co2 emissions as less fuel is used.

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Rosie Rees

01686 621704

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