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Flexible packaging for motor oil saves materials

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Flexible packaging for motor oil saves materials
Innovative use of flexible packaging delivers packaging reduction for a demanding product category.
In Use – This product is available only in North America.

Packaging Reduction

Product Categories
Home Improvement

Relevant Materials
Laminates, Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Bottles and jars, Flexible & Films

Supply Chain Phase


A leading North American lubricants manufacturer and distributor has switched to a flexible stand-up pouch for one of its high performance motor oil products.

The move uses 25% less material than traditional motor oil packaging, whilst maintaining product integrity and consumer convenience. The pouch is made from a tough, three layer lamination and features a pouring spout that has been engineered to prevent the glugs and bubbles experienced when pouring from bottles. A polyethylene barrier provides superior burst and seal strengths required for the rigours of oil.

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Potential Benefits

The suppliers report a 25% reduction in packaging materials as a result of this packaging format change. Although the multi-laminate pack will not be recyclable, it is highly unlikely that traditional plastic motor oil bottles would be recycled anyway, due to the high levels of product contamination present when they are disposed of.

Intellectual Property

The Eco Ultra Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is a brand of Universal Lubricants. The FlexPak has been developedin partnership with Star Packaging Corporation and Innovative Packaging Network.

Consultant View

This innovative use of light-weight flexible stand up pouches demonstrates that the format can be applied in some of the most demanding product categories. It is suggested that there may be opportunities to use this format for other products currently packaged in rigid plastics where contamination is likely to mean that material recycling is not a valid end-of-life option. Chemical and other liquid products used in the home improvement sector might be particularly suited to this format, as demonstrated by similar recent innovations in packaging for paints.

Contacts and Further Information

Innovative Packaging Network
700 Dividend Drive, Suite 500
Peachtree City, GA 30269
Tel: +1 770 631 2626

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