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Reusable shipping box

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Reusable shipping box
Canadian trial for business to business office stationary deliveries demonstrates considerable material savings.
In Use – This programme is operational only in North America.

Packaging Reduction, Reuse

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Corrugated box/case

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Home delivery


A Canadian office supplies business has introduced a reusable corrugated shipping box for deliveries to regular customers wishing to participate in the programme. An initial trial during 2012 achieved significant material savings through the displacement of single trip boxes.

Customers save their empty Boomerang Boxes until they are picked up by delivery staff on the next shipment. The Boomerang Box features a stackable design to minimize storage space needs (slightly tapered, so the boxes sit neatly within one another), while the sturdy, corrugated material allows an average of six to ten delivery cycles with proper use. Each Boomerang Box has a unique barcode which allows it to be tracked throughout the shipping cycle and helps the company to analyse adoption rates and usage trends. It is an opt-in program and there is no charge to join, but to remain within the programme, users are required to maintain a 70% return rate. However, if return rates dip below the mandated service level, a Business Solutions Advisor will work closely to help meet the requirements of the program.
The Boomerang Box programme has been developed and implemented by the Canadian company Grand and Toy. Following the successful pilot program Grand & Toy has announced the availability of the programme across Canada. The Boomerang Box, which comes in three sizes, will also be available in the U.S. through Grand & Toy's parent company, OfficeMax.
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Potential Benefits

The program's pilot, launched in the Autumn of 2011 with 695 Grand & Toy Vancouver-based customers (representing 5,800 locations) and 23 BMO Financial Group locations in the Greater Toronto Area, has been a resounding success. Over the pilot period, the use of Boomerang Boxes saved more than 46,000 one-time use boxes.

Intellectual Property

The Boomerang Box is a trade mark of Grand and Toy, designed in partnership with Norampac, a privately owned packaging manufacturer based in Quebec.

Consultant View

This innovative approach to delivery service packaging has proved successful for business to business commerce. The concept could be adapted for online retail businesses, with the use of reusable boxes for regular customers.

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