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New adhesive technology could enable improved packaging reseal

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New adhesive technology could enable improved packaging reseal
Research into an advanced silicone rubber could significantly improve resealability of packaging to reduce food waste in the home.
In Use – The research work is at an early stage.

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A major international packaging manufacturer is partnering a US university to support the development of an innovative reseal material for use in packaging applications.

Described as an advanced silicone rubber, the materials unusual structure allows it to behave differently in the long and short term. Other characteristics include being stiff and resilient if struck fast or soft and compliant if pushed on slowly, with it always returning to its original shape when left alone. Importantly, sheets made from the material cling tightly to one another on contact but separate easily when pulled apart. Contaminants, such as fingerprints, dust and dirt will not adhere and cab ne brushed or rinsed away.
MeadWestVaco (MWV) is sponsoring inventor Professor Bloomfield of the University of Virginia for a three month research effort to develop prototypes of packaging adhesives and closures based on the technology and to solve some of the technical challenges.
The content in this entry has been obtained from publicly available information sources only (e.g. press releases, website and trade press articles) and is subject to completion of a validation process with the technology supplier.

Potential Benefits

Providing effective resealable packaging can be a key tool in helping consumers keep products fresh and therefore prevent food waste arising in the home.

Intellectual Property

MeadWestVaco has entered a one-year agreement with the University of Virginia’s Licensing and Ventures Group.

Consultant View

The REID database also features other closure and reseal technologies. Readers interested in this subject should make further searches of the database using the terms “Sealing and closures”.

Contacts and Further Information

Professor Louis A Bloomfield
Department of Physics
University of Virginia
382 McCormick Rd.
PO Box 400714
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4714
Tel: 001 (434)924-3781
Email: lab3e@Virginia.EDU

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