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Beverage can made from 100% recycled aluminium under development

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Beverage can made from 100% recycled aluminium under development
Technology transfer from automotive to packaging sector could see first 100% recycled content can.
In Development – Development work is underway at the company’s innovation centre in Georgia, US.

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A global leader in rolled aluminum products and aluminum recycling is working to produce the first beverage can made from 100% recycled aluminium.

The concept is currently under development and will utilise the companies previous innovations in the automotive sector. The can will be produced from an innovative single alloy with a can body and can end that will make it easier to recycle time and again.
The company, Novelis, is working on the product, named the Evercan, to ensure that it can be produced in and effective and cost-efficient manner.
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Potential Benefits

For technical reasons, aluminium beverage cans currently include a proportion of virgin aluminium in the manufacture. This development would represent a significant environmental improvement for the can, as the environmental impact of recycled aluminium is considerably lower than that of virgin aluminium.

Intellectual Property

The product is being developed by Novelis and appropriate intellectual property protection will be in place.

Consultant View

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Contacts and Further Information

Novelis Inc. Corporate Headquarters
3560 Lenox Road
Suite 2000
Atlanta, GA 30326 USA
Tel: +1 404 760 4000

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