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Light-weight easy-open can end

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Light-weight easy-open can end
Light-weight can end is around 10% lighter than its predecessor and improves openability
In Use – Available in Europe only, for petfood and some processed meat and fish products.

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Consumer, Design, Filling


The new can end has improved finger access offering ease of opening for consumers of all ages. This is achieved by a flexible panel which is convex before seaming and becomes concave after sterilization, which results in greater finger access by increasing the gap between the panel and the tab.The finger well is designed to intuitively guide the finger to the correct position for ease of opening. The can end also delivers a significant reduction in metal gauge, with the  73mm diameter version being around 10% lighter than its predecessor. This can will eventually be available in a full range of diameters of steel easy open ends including  65, 73, 83 and 99mm.

The can end, part of the OptiLift® brand, is produced by Impress and is compatible with different customer processes. It forms part of a continuous drive by Impress to address consumer convenience, product innovation and reduce the weight of its products.
OptiLift® is the result of extensive testing and consumer research into easy-opening ends. 75% of consumers interviewed in Germany and France preferred the new end; consumers with longer finger nails and those suffering from arthritis were especially pleased with the new design and opening feature. A specially designed logo printable on the end reinforces the message of the 'ease of opening' experience for consumers.
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Potential Benefits

As well as delivering a 10% end weight reduction, according to the manufacturers even further benefits in terms of the related carbon footprint are achieved.

Intellectual Property

The OptiLift patent is owned by Ardagh, EP 1 958 882 B1, and is granted in Europe; world wide coverage is on-going.

Consultant View

As well as delivering light-weighting, this innovation also addresses a key consumer need - ease of opening.
It is recommended that further searches are completed of the REID database, as there may be other light-weight packaging technologies of interest related to metal packaging. Try searching using key words such as metals and light-weighting.

Contacts and Further Information

Company details:
Impress Services SAS
6 Boulevard du Général Leclerc
92110 Clichy
T: +33 (0) 145 191 800
Technology contact details:
Jacqueline Turlings (Business Development Manager Food Division)
Tel: +31 570 682 546
UK Contact:
Tom Rushworth
Tel: +44 (0) 1623 518 426
Mobile: +44 (0) 7799 132 562

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