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Novel enzymes delay cake staling

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Novel enzymes delay cake staling
Enzymes act as a softener to prolong the shelf life of cakes.
In Use – Commercially available – announced November 2012.

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An ingredients manufacturer has launched a new enzyme product that acts as a cake softener, thereby extending the shelf life of these products and potentially reducing wastage in-store and in the home.

Previously, starch-hydrolysing activity such as standard maltogenic a-amylase have been used in cake systems. This type of enzyme hydrolyses the starch, resulting in the production of maltose, a disaccharide comprising two glucose molecules. At the same time, the sucrose in cake recipes is a disaccharide of glucose and fructose. As sucrose resembles maltose, it may block the active site of the enzyme and diminish further enzyme activity.
The new enzyme converts the starch to maltotetraose, making the enzyme activity less sensitive to sucrose inhibition. The result is a moister, less crumbly product with better texture and fresher mouth-feel throughout the product’s shelf life.
The POWERSoft enzymes from DuPont can be used in fat-free cakes such as sponges, richer cakes such as pound or seasonal cakes, and cake types with high or low sugar to flour ratio.

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Potential Benefits

Extending the shelf life of bakery products by delaying the staling process can help reduce the high levels of food waste experienced in this category.

Intellectual Property

DuPont has patented this enzyme technology.

Consultant View

There have recently been a number of innovations which aim to extend the shelf life of food through novel processing or through the additional of novel preservatives and additives. For further examples, try searching the database using the search term "Shelf life extension". This will also highlight packaging solutions which can also help extend product shelf life.

Contacts and Further Information

Inge Lise Povleen, Bakery Group Manager
DuPont Nutrition and Health
Contact can be made using the contact form at: 

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