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Energy efficient chocolate enrober

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Energy efficient chocolate enrober
Process innovation delivers energy savings in excess of 50%.
In Use – Presented at the IBA 2012 show.

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A European chocolate and bakery equipment manufacturer has introduced a new chocolate enrober that can significantly reduce the energy requirements of the enrobing process.
In the new system, the chocolate is introduced in a different way compared to traditional enrobing technology. Rather than being delivered to a bath beneath the enrober, the chocolate is introduced via a pipe much closer to the usage point. As a result of this innovation a much smaller tempering machine is required and the system therefore uses less energy.
The new Neilsen chocolate enrober is available from Aasted.

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Potential Benefits

The manufacturers report that energy savings of 50-80% are possible when compared to traditional enrobers. This will deliver both cost and environmental benefits.

Intellectual Property

This equipment has been developed and is available from Aasted.

Consultant View

There are currently many innovations which aim to improve the energy efficeincy of food production. Readers interested in this topic can search the REID database for other relevant entries. Try searching using the filter "Improved resource efficiency" or use the search term "Energy efficiency".

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