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Deck baking oven delivers energy savings

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Deck baking oven delivers energy savings
New burner controls make bakery energy savings possible.
In Use – Launched at the IBA 2012 show.

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A European bakery equipment manufacturer has introduced a new intelligent burner control system for one of its highest selling deck baking oven lines. Deck baking ovens allow bakers to bake a number of different product lines simultaneously. They commonly use fuel gas as an energy source.

The new oven incorporating the intelligent burner controls gives the baker much greater control over the energy being used, leading to energy efficiency savings compared to previous models.
The intelligent burner controls have been incorporated into the Ideal T e+ deck oven from MIWE. These ovens are suitable for craft bakers or industrial bakeries.
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Potential Benefits

The manufacturer reports that energy savings of 15% are achieved through use of the new intelligent burner controls. This will deliver both cost and environmental benefits.

Intellectual Property

This equipment is developed and supplied by MIWE.

Consultant View

There are currently many innovations which aim to reduce energy consumptions during food production processes. For further examples, try searching the REID database using the search filter "Improved resource efficiency" or search terms such as "Energy efficiency"

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