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Dual-compartment packaging extends shelf life for meat products

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Dual-compartment packaging extends shelf life for meat products
Dual-compartment vacuum packaging system creates the optimal conditions for maturing meat products
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A new a dual-compartment vacuum packaging system creates the optimal conditions for maturing meat products. Fresh meat products, such as beef, can be stored “dry” in their packaging whilst increasing shelf-life.
The product is presented standing or hanging in the retail shelves which, combined with packaging transparency, helps to attract consumers.
The pack is produced from flexible films, which are tuned to the maturation process of fresh red meat. A second compartment, separated by a porous seam and covered by a pre-printed film or label, neatly collects the meat’s drip-loss by means of a special absorption pad. This ensures that the meat is stored dry and remains appealing during its entire shelf-life. It delivers excellent tender meat quality and aromatic flavour.
The TenderPac system is available on SEALPAC’s complete range of RE-series thermoformers.
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Potential Benefits

The main benefit of this packaging solution is through extending the length of time over which the product remains visually appealing to the consumer. This will ensure that product which may otherwise be rejected by consumers can still be sold rather than becoming waste either in-store or in the home.

Intellectual Property

This packaging solution is the design and intellectual property of SEALPAC.

Consultant View

There are many innovative packaging solutions which aim to reduce food wastage by extending product shelf life. Readers interested in this feild should search the REID database for other relevant entries. Try searching for relevant technologies such as "Phasges", "Barrier materials", "Antimicrobials" and "Modified atsmophere packaging", amongst others.

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