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New label adhesive aids PET recycling

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Testing demonstrates that adhesive dissolves in PET flake caustic wash without clumps or stickies.
In Use – This innovation was introduced at the Canadian Nova-Pack conference in June 2012.

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A Canadian company has introduced a new bio-based label adhesive which eliminates some of the problems associated with PET container recycling. The adhesive dissolves during the PET flake caustic wash process without generating clumps or stickies.

Results from industry standard protocol testing revealed that the product enables zero contamination in PET recycle streams.

The adhesive's renewable content is higher than 50%. Rheology of the adhesive enables it to operate in existing adhesive systems at temperatures under 162.7°C 325°F.

DaniMer Scientific has developed the new adhesive. The company used renewable building block Susterra propanediol from the suppliers Dupont Tate & Lyle and Myriant to develop the new adhesive called DaniMer 92721

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Potential Benefits

This adhesive can help to improve the PET recycling process, reducing costs and environmental impacts associated with PET recycling.

Intellectual Property

The adhesive is the proprietary technology of DaniMer Scientific. The renewable building block, Susterra propanediol is supplied by Dupont Tate & Lyle and Myriant.

Consultant View

Ensuring the recyclability of PET containers is currently a key focus in many markets. This innovation relates to the adhesives used for labelling. There are also many innovations that focus on the compatibility of the labels themselves with the recycling process. Some of these are included in the REID database. For examples, try searching the database using the search term "Labels".

Contacts and Further Information

Daniel Carraway, CEA
DaniMer Scientific
1301 Colquitt Highway
P.O. Box 7965
Bainbridge, GA 39818
Tel: +866.510.1110
Email: A contact form is available at:

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