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Light-weight, recyclable, mono-material tray for meat and poultry

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Light-weight, recyclable, mono-material tray for meat and poultry
Transparent, food-contact approved sealant eliminate the need for laminated PE base film
In Use – This innovation was first announced in September 2012.

Packaging Reduction, Recycled content/recyclability

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Plastic – rigid

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Design, Production


A packaging manufacturer has unveiled a new mono-material tray for meat and poultry. The trays are 100% recyclable and are themselves manufactured from rPET. The trays use a transparent and food-contact approved sealant on their flanges to create a secure seal with the lidding film, thus removing the need for a laminated PE base film.

The seal strength and seal-through-contamination of the trays is remains the same as the company's existing trays, and the recycled material used in their manufacture goes through the company's food-grade super cleaning system to ensure it surpasses food safety regulations. The tray will give 100% crystal clear PET after recycling.

The Rfresh Elite range of rPET trays have been developed as part of LINPAC Packaging’s light-weighting programme.

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Potential Benefits

Eliminating the PE base film reduces the tray's weight by up to 3%. Combined with other light-weighting advances from the company’s light-weighting programme material savings of above 10% are achieved.

The trays incorporate rPET, and when recycled will deliver 100% crystal clear PET.

Intellectual Property

The technology is a proprietary technology of LINPAC Packaging.

Consultant View

This innovation show how it is still possible to identify considerable light-weighting opportunities even within mature packaging formats. The use of a PE base film to provide the seal between lidding film and tray is an industry wide norm for meat and poultry trays. However, but replacing the PE base film with innovative use of a sealant on the tray flanges, combined with other design and engineering improvements, has delivered considerable weight savings. This will deliver both cost and environmental benefits.

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Contacts and Further Information

Alan Davey, Innovation Director
LINPAC Packaging Limited
Wakefield Road
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1977 692111

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