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New process to produce shelf stable wholegrain flour for use in cookies and snacks

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New process to produce shelf stable wholegrain flour for use in cookies and snacks
Due to less grinding, resulting in a product has longer shelf life and contains less of the enzyme which causes rancidity in bread products.
In Development – In development by Kraft Foods in the USA

Product Waste Reduction, Shelf life extension

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A well known food company in the USA has developed a new process to extend the shelf life of wholegrain flours used in cookies crackers and snacks.
The new process manufactures stabilized whole grain flours, having a fine particle size and which exhibit good baking functionality.  They are produced with high throughput using two bran and germ fractions and an endosperm fraction. One bran and germ fraction is a coarse fraction which is subjected to two stage grinding, but the second bran and germ fraction is a low ash, fine bran and germ fraction which is sufficiently fine so that it does not need to be subjected to grinding, thereby reducing starch damage and increasing production with reduced grinding equipment load.
Portions of the coarse bran and germ fraction which are ground in the first grinding stage to a sufficient fineness are separated out and not subjected to additional grinding. This further reduces starch damage and increases production efficiency. The bran and germ fractions may be combined, subjected to stabilization, and combined with the endosperm fraction to obtain a stabilized whole grain flour. The resulting product has increased shelf life and contains less of the enzyme which causes rancidity in bread and bread products.
The new process has been developed by Kraft Foods in the USA.

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Potential Benefits

This is an innovative development of a well established process which has the benefits of reducing the amount of grinding required during processing whilst increasing the stability of the ingedient and the shelf life of the finished product.  This in turn should result in less food waste in both the supply chain and in the home.

Intellectual Property

Kraft foods has applied for an international patent on the new process.

Consultant View

This is a good example of revisiting a well established process and re-engineering it to unlock hidden benefits.  In this case the process has been simplified and has achieved a more stable product with improved attributes.
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Contacts and Further Information

Kraft Foods Inc.
3 Lakes Dr
IL 60093
Tel: 001 (847) 272-7451

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