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Software ensures resource efficient use of ingredients in sausage production operations

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Software ensures resource efficient use of ingredients in sausage production operations
Software integrates with sensitive scales to enable the precise weighing of sausage meat to maximise efficiency in production facilities
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A specialist manufacturer of meat processing equipment has developed new "control unit monitoring" software to tightly control the weighing and portioning of sausagemeat.  The new software controls integrated weighing equipment and communicates between this and the filling line in order to very accurately portion the sausage meat. By very accurately measuring the amount of material it is possible to control the weight of each sausage to very fine tollerances so that material is used efficiently.
The software has the ability to "learn" from past operation and can adapt the filling process to cope with the specific weight characteristics of the material being processed at any time.
The new software was developed by Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

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Potential Benefits

The greatest potential benefit of this technology is in enabling very precise measurement and portioning of food products to optimise use of ingredients material. The manufacturer predicts savings of up to 5g of meat per sausage which amounts to a significant annual saving in a typical production facility.

Intellectual Property

Handtmann has developed and commercialised the new HCU (Handtmann Communication Unit) software.

Consultant View

Whilst the current application is in portioning of sausage meat the technology should have applications across a wide range of industries and particularly in the area of food production.
This is just one example of technologies aimed at improving efficiency of ingredients consumptions during food production. As food ingredient prices continue to rise, such technoogies will become more important from an economic perspective, but also indirectly deliver environmental benefits as less ingredients are used overall.

Contacts and Further Information

Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
88400 Biberach
Tel. : +49 7351 45-0
Email: info.machines(at)

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