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Lighter weight flexo printing plates

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Lighter weight flexo printing plates
Prining plates for corrugated shipping containers manufactured by new process are 80% lighter than existing plates
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Resource efficiency (e.g. filling line efficiency)

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Drinks, Food, Home Improvement, Household & Personal Care

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Corrugated box/case

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Packing, Other


A printing plate provider based in Indianapolis, USA, has developed a new printing plate specifically engineered to address sustainability issues in packaging.  The plates show a 70 percent weight reduction over tradtional plates and an 80 percent reduction in energy consumed during the manufacturing process, while the innovative production process enables the material to have a 50 percent reclaim and reuse value.
PRPflexo has successfully applied its VIPeR plate for multiple line-up 1- and 2-color corrugated shipping containers. The VIPeR (value in-position environmentally responsible) plate is light-weight, saving on materials and shipping costs. The new plates are imaged ‘in‐position’ as one piece from an electronic file or can be modified to accommodate strip mounting or slugs.
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Potential Benefits

The main environmental benefit of this process technology innovation is a significant (80%) reduction in the materials requried for printing plates for flexo printing on corrugated shipping cases. There is also an associated reduction in transport shipping costs and environmental impacts, as less plates need to be transported.

Intellectual Property

The VIPeR  plate technology has been developed and patented by PRPFlexo in the USA.

Consultant View

This manufacturer has developed new production processes to create printing plates on a more sustainable basis by reducing the amount of material used in construction.  They have also reduced the energy and emissions impacts of manufacture and gained incidental benefits as the plates are much lighter to transport.
Researchers who are interested process technology innovations should consult the REID database in order to explore other examples using search terms such as "Process improvement" and "Resource efficiency".

Contacts and Further Information

Chris Green
5620 Elmwood Avenue
Indianapolis 46203
Tel: 001 317 783 3226

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