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Foil liner eliminated from paperboard barrier containers

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Foil liner eliminated from paperboard barrier containers
New sealing process reduces pack weight and improves recyclability by eliminating the need for the foil sealing layer in paperboard barrier containers.
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Packaging Reduction, Recycled content/recyclability

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Drinks, Food

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A packaging manufacturer has developed a new range of high-barrier containers offering an hermetically sealed, paper-only food packaging container which does not require a foil lining.
The company has developed a process which achieves a comparable shelf-life by sealing the raw edge of the inner seam, preventing migration of moisture, grease and oxygen. A patented high barrier polymer coating works with the SeamSeal technology to offer a hermetically sealable paper package without the need for a foil lining. The final product is a package that is lighter in weight and more efficient to produce than paper-based containers which require foil linings to deliver extended shelf-life.
The paper based packaging is available in three different coatings: Polyethylene for moderate moisture/ grease protection; polypropylene for advanced moisture/grease protection and microwavability; and the high barrier coated board for superior oxygen and moisture barrier.  The company will explore biopolymer coatings next.
The new Seamseal technology was developed by Interpress Technology Inc. of the USA. The patented high barrier polymer coating is supplied by MWV.
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Potential Benefits

For food manufacturers choosing board packaging for their products, this innovation eliminates the need for the foil lining, thereby reducing packaging weight whilst offering a fully recyclable pack..

Intellectual Property

The solution is branded as CanNester A.D (Atmospheric Defense). It draws on expertise from three businesses. The new Seamseal technology was developed by Interpress Technology Inc. of the USA. The patented high barrier polymer coating is supplied by MWV. Paper Machinery Corp is the manufacturer of the container forming machinery.

Consultant View

This technology enables paper based packaging materials to be used to pack food products requiring hermetic sealing whilst achieving the longer shelf-life previously only available from plastics and glass. This innovation could be particularly relevant to producers of natural or whole food products, who wish to present products in fibre-based packaging but subsequently cannot offer a long shelf-life.

Contacts and Further Information

Sandy Jaquish
Interpress Technologies
1120 Del Paso Road Sacramento,
CA 95834,
United States
Tel: 001 916-412-4443 or 001 916-929-9771

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