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Electro-conductive packaging and high speed freezing aid shelf life and product quality

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Electro-conductive packaging and high speed freezing aid shelf life and product quality
Ultra fresh freezing system utilises rapid freezing and high electric potential to reduce the size of ice crystals which form in the food.
In Use – Commercially available, recently launched in Asia

Product Waste Reduction, Shelf life extension

Product Categories

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible

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Flexible & Films

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Packing, Processing, Production


A new food preservation system utilises technology proven in the electronics industry to ensure food quality and increase both shelf life and appeal. This rapid-freezing system uses both alternating and direct current, high “electric potential,” at the same time to rapidly cool the product without oxidization, thereby reducing the size of ice crystals that form in food cells.
The process relies on a unique package design that includes an electro conductive bag made from linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and proprietary modifiers and additives to enhance performance and deliver electro-conductivity. The combination of rapid freezing and the innovative electro-conductive bag preserves food taste and texture, with the specific aim of reducing the amount of edible food thrown away.

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Potential Benefits

Frozen foods develop ice crystals during the freezing process, but the size of those crystals depends on the method used. Large ice crystals, which form when food freexes slowly, change a food's quality and can ruin the taste by causing the cells in foods to rupture, subsequently creating a mushy texture when thawed and eaten. By rapid freezing the product this deterioration in quality is prevented and potential food waste is avoided.

Intellectual Property

The new system was developed by a consortium of companies (Mutsumi Chemical Industry Co, Ltd; Sun Electric Company, and Ltd.; Enshu-Kasei Co. Ltd) and utilises DuPont™ Entira™ resin modifiers and additives. It is branded as the Ultra-Freshness Preservation Freezing System.

Consultant View

This technology uses an innovative new process to ensure rapid freezing of food items.  Compared to other freezing processes, the resulting frozen food has superior shelf life properties and product quality is preserved to give the consumer a superior product.
Researchers who are interested in this technology should consult the REID database in order to explore other technologies which tackle issues of food preservation. Entries specific to the frozen food sector can be found using the search term "Frozen".

Contacts and Further Information

Mutsumi Chemical Industry Co
8-9 Banko-cho
Tel: +510-0-0804

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