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Innovative active film prolongs meat freshness and reduces packaging impacts

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Innovative active film prolongs meat freshness and reduces packaging impacts
Additive in the contact layer of the wrapping film maintains appearance of meat products.
In Use – Commercially available

Packaging Reduction, Product Waste Reduction, Shelf life extension

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Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible

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Flexible & Films

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Packing, Production, Raw materials / Ingredients


The new active packaging is the first vacuum package for red meat that maintains the meat’s appetizing colour through a found-in-nature proprietary additive in the contact layer of the barrier package.
Traditional vacuum-packaged meat can appear purple, which is deemed distasteful by many consumers who equate colour with freshness. The new packaging solution maintains colour and can also extend shelf life up to 10 times longer than store-wrapped meat. The combination of longer shelf life and more appetizing appearance has the potential to reduce product waste arising in both the supply chain and the home.  The solution also uses less material than other pre-packaged formats such as the modified atmosphere (MAP) packs and packages using EPS/PVC resin technology that dominate the case-ready meat segment.
FreshCase® packaging film has been developed by Curwood Inc., a division of Bemis in the USA.
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Potential Benefits

The primary potential benefit of this new film is in reducing meat waste through extended shelf-life by reducing product discolouration.  Additionally the packs use up to 70% less material than traditional modified atmosphere packaging or other tray formats.

Intellectual Property

FreshCase® packaging has been developed and is registered by Curwood Inc., a division of the Bemis company of the USA.

Consultant View

There are many other solutions being developed to prevent food waste by extend product shelf-life. Reviewers who are interested in this subject should search the database and wider resources for solutions such as modified atmoshere packaging (MAP), active packaging, scavengers, product quality indicators, and other shelf-life extension technologies.

Contacts and Further Information

Curwood Inc
One Neenah Center, 4th Floor
P.O. Box 669
Neenah, Wisconsin 54957-0669
Tel: 001 (920) 727-4100

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