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Ultralight box liner film

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Ultralight box liner film
New film allows significant downgauging of box liner material.
In Use – Commercially available

Packaging Reduction

Product Categories
Food, Home Improvement, Household & Personal Care

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Cartons, Flexible & Films

Supply Chain Phase


A new film targeting the makers of boxed cereal, baking mixes and other moisture-sensitive dry foods can facilitate downgauging of liner film by 30% or more. The liner film allows significant downgauging while maintaining machinability, stiffness and strength at gauges as low as 1.5 mil. The high-clarity, high-density polyethylene-based films offer moisture and oxygen barrier to protect food quality and extend shelf life.
The new film achieves traditional physical properties at lower gauges through a combination of engineered resins, proprietary sealant technology and tightly controlled manufacturing processes. Seal strength and ease of opening can be tailored to the application, allowing easy opening for consumer convenience or weld seals for tamper resistance.
While designed for box liners, FeatherWeight films may also be used as a sealant layer in printed/converted laminations for any package requiring a moisture barrier. FeatherWeight films need less material to protect dry foods, resulting in less energy to produce and fewer truckloads to ship. Other cost advantages include a lower price per square unit than traditional liner films and more footage per roll, which translates to fewer roll changes for greater productivity.
The new FeatherWeight film has been developed by Bemis.
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Potential Benefits

This new liner material facilitates downgaugeing by up to 30% compared to traditional liner materials.  This offers significant potential for material reduction which a corresponding saving in energy use and carbon emissions from its manufacture.

Intellectual Property

The new FeatherWeight film has been developed by Bemis of the USA.

Consultant View

The new film has been developed using new resin combinations and offers good potential to reduce packaging material usage by facilitating downgauging of the lining material.  This in turn creates less waste packaging at end of life and demands less energy and emissions during the conversion process. Although the manufacturers are specifically targeting makers of boxed cereal, baking mixes and other moisture-sensitive dry foods this innovation could also find uses in other food categories, in non-grocery products and in the home improvement sector for powdered and similar products which a frequently packed in this format.
Other entries in the REID database provide examples of light-weighting and downgauging of flexible packaging formats. Reviewers who are interested in this area should consult the REID database and the wider literature to discover other examples. Try using combinations of search terms such as "Flexibles", "Films", "Packaging reduction", "Lightweighting" and "Resource efficiency".

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