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Light-weight 5 litre blow moulded HDPE container

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Light-weight 5 litre blow moulded HDPE container
Clever design enables significant packaging reduction.
In Use – Commercially available

Packaging Reduction

Product Categories
Home Improvement

Relevant Materials
Plastic – rigid

Relevant Packaging Formats
Bottles and jars, Other

Supply Chain Phase
Design, Production


A packaging manufacturer has launched a new 5 litre blow moulded HDPE container that combines an enhanced environmental profile with maximum functionality and branding opportunities.
The new container offers an overall weight of 120g compared to 140g for a standard 5 litre pack, thus offering a significant reduction in packaging material used.  An accurate spread of material throughout the container combined with optimising the compression of the shoulder and base ensure that the container maintains its overall strength and stability to deliver a robust and reliable performance. A unique design feature of the pack are the vertical ribs on each corner of the container. These help to avoid damage to the packs during stretch wrapping of pallets or in transportation by allowing the container to regain its original shape.

The new pack is currently available with a neck insert for 40/42mm closures, including UN approved caps. A 38mm neck will be added to the range later in 2012. The container could find many uses in the home improvement and building sector.
The Elight container has been developed by RPC Gent.
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Potential Benefits

The primary benefit of this new pack is reduced packaging material use and subsequently lower carbon footprint.  The material is saved by optimising the strength of the pack through a clever design which ensures that there is little or no deterioration in the mechanical properties of the container.  Material weight savings of around 14% are achieved compared to standard 5 litre HDPE containers.

Intellectual Property

The new Elight container has been developed by and is commercially available from RPC Gent.

Consultant View

The new pack offers a useful material saving compared to existing 5 litre containers. The impressive aspect of this technology is that the savings have been achieved  by developing an innovative design which produces a container with similar mechanical properties to its contemporaries but using less material.
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Contacts and Further Information

RPC Packaging Gent NV
Singel 20, Havennr. 0955B, B-9000 Gent, Belgium
Tel: +32 (0) 9 250 0611

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