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Aluminium foil can lid delivers packaging material savings

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Aluminium foil can lid delivers packaging material savings
Aluminium foil seal for use on steel cans for dried foods reduces packaging material use and associated CO2 emissions.
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A specialist packaging company has developed an innovative aluminium can seal for use on steel food cans.

The new aluminium foil seal is a direct sealing system developed for use in steel cans. It has been specifically developed for cans used to package dried food products. The elimination of a steel ring pull top by substituting aluminium foil has resulted in significant weight and CO2 savings over traditional packing formats.
The can is safely opened by pushing the membrane at the marked location. It is 100% stackable and 100% recyclable. Prospective markets include tea and coffee, candy, nuts and other snacks, rice, and milk powders.
The new seal was developed by Ardagh Group.
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Potential Benefits

The key benefit of this solution is packaging material reduction together with a reduction in associated carbon emissions from production of the pack. The can and new seal combination is 35% lighter than traditional cans.
Furthermore, by substituting a foil cap the whole steel disc and ring pull opening mechanism has been eliminated from the pack whilst retaining the products freshness and if anything enhancing the consumer experience.

Intellectual Property

The new seal was developed by the Ardagh Group and is marketed by them under the SealLite® registered trademark. 

Consultant View

The new seal offers good potential for material reduction by substituting a steel lid and ringpull for a thin aluminium foil lid. This results in a significant saving in packaging material and associated CO2 emissions with no lessening of the pack integrity.  The maker claims that the new pack is as robust in distribution as traditional steel food cans. However the foil may be more prone to damage when encountering sharp edges than the traditional pack.
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Contacts and Further Information

David Wall, Managing Director, Metal Packaging Division
Ardagh Group S.A.
4 Richview Office Park
Clonskeagh Dublin 14
Tel: +353 1 605 2400

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