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Flexible paint pouch

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Flexible paint pouch
Major paint manufacturer introduces 2.5 Litre flexible pouches to reduce packaging.
In Use – Due to be trialled exclusively in Homebase stores in the UK from August 2012 with a view to a more widesread roll-out if successful.

Packaging Reduction

Product Categories
Home Improvement, Other

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Flexible & Films

Supply Chain Phase
Filling, Supply Chain handling systems and store replenishment


A well known manufacturer of household paints in the UK has developed a flexible plastic pouch for some of it's paint products.  The 2.5 litre re-sealable pouches are available in magnolia matt and pure brilliant white matt emulsion and will be trialled in UK stores.
The development forms part of the company's drive towards achieving greater sustainability which aims to halve the environmental footprint of its products and packaging.  The new innovation closely follows the introduction of plastic cans with 25% recycled content in 2011 and a roll out of a lower environmental impact formulation across the company's standard emulsion range during in 2012, with no added solvents and 15% lower carbon footprint.
The pouch could be used in conjunction with a traditional paint (as a refill) or the contents could be decanted into a paint kettle or similar container.
The “eco-refill” 2.5litre pouch was designed and developed by the Dulux paint company in the UK.
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Potential Benefits

The main benefit of the new eco-refill packs is in reducing the amount of plastic packaging material used when compared to existing rigid paint containers.  The company predicts it can reduce waste going to landfill by 70% compared to traditional plastic pails. 

Intellectual Property

The “eco-refill” 2.5litre pouch was designed and developed by the Dulux paint company in the UK.

Consultant View

The new eco-refill pouch offers an immediate packaging material reduction over existing plastic pail formats.  However, the greatest challenge for this new pack is in its percieved functionality when judged against the standard pail which is often used as the paint holder whilst painting. It should be noted that consumers tend to paint directly from the traditional plastic pails and this innovation might not find favour with consumers who enjoy the ease of the traditional packing format. Therefore it will be interesting to see the results of the current trial.
The REID database contains other examples of reduced impact paint packaging. Reviewers who are interested in this area should try searching the database using terms such as "Home improvement" and "Paint". 

Contacts and Further Information

Letty Edwards, UK Marketing Director,
ICI Paints
Wexham Road
Tel: 08444 817 817

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