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Reusable heavy duty logistics strap

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Reusable heavy duty logistics strap
Heavy duty strap offers a reusable alternative to traditional single-use banding or stretch wrapping of loads.
In Use – Commercially available

Packaging Reduction, Reuse

Product Categories
Drinks, Food, Home Improvement, Household & Personal Care

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Cartons, Corrugated box/case, Pallets

Supply Chain Phase
Packing, Storage, Supply Chain handling systems and store replenishment


The technology behind an everyday clothing fastening system has been adapted to create an innovative, reusable load restraining strap intended to replace traditional metal or plastic banding materials or even stretch film. The new solution is intended as a reusable and versatile strap for materials handling applications in distribution centers, warehouses and closed loop logistics to secure pallet boxes, sleeve packs, and collapsible containers.
The manufacturer predicts considerable packaging savings compared to shrink wrap per pallet annually, anticipating cost savings of 57% and waste reduction of 100% (based on a pool of 10,000 pallets, moved 10 times per year, over a span of three years).
The straps are based on the familiar Velcro® brand woven nylon hook and loop.  They are available in two different lengths (5 meters and 7 meters) to accommodate particular supply chain applications. No tools or equipment are needed to implement this solution and the straps secure and release easily and quickly. The solution could potentially be applied to a wide range of food and non-food grocery products or home improvement products.
The new strap has been developed by the Velcro company in the USA  which has trademarked the VELCRO® Brand LOGISTRAP™ brand.
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Potential Benefits

The new strap offers the following benefits compared to a single use product:
  • Cost-saving in the supply chain by offering a reusable strap for securing goods to a pallet, significantly lowering packaging, recycling, and maintenance costs
  • Reduced waste when replacing single us alternatives such as shrink wrap, metal banding, and plastic ties.

Intellectual Property

The Velcro company in the USA has trademarked the VELCRO® Brand LOGISTRAP™ brand

Consultant View

Traditional methods of load restraint involve plastic or metal banding or application of stretch film under tension.  However all of these systems are one-trip solutions and lead to waste packaging arisings in the supply chain.  The new system is reusable until the straps have suffered considerable wear or are damaged.  One drawback of this system is that the capital expendidture to purchase the equipment predicates that they will be most suited to "closed loop" distribution operations where the straps are returned to the owner. It should also be noted that alternative load stabilisation methods such as stretch wrapping have other benefits such as water and dust resistance which are not available from using the strapping system.
Reviewers who are interested in this technology should consult the REID database for other examples of packaging reduction and load stabilisation systems.  There are also other examples of reusable transit items such as plastic tote bins and pallets. Try useing search terms such as "Reusable", "Distribution packaging" and "Palletisation" for further relevent entries.

Contacts and Further Information

Velcro USA Inc.
406 Brown Avenue
Manchester, NH 03103
Tel: (800) 225 0180

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