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Software tools enables deatailed compression load modelling so that packaging can be optimised
In Use – Commercially available

Packaging Reduction, Resource efficiency (e.g. filling line efficiency)

Product Categories
Drinks, Food, Home Improvement, Household & Personal Care

Relevant Materials
Not Applicable

Relevant Packaging Formats
Cartons, Corrugated box/case, IBCs (flexible and rigid), Pallets, RTP, Sacks, Totes, stillages, various bulk formats

Supply Chain Phase
Packing, Supply Chain handling systems and store replenishment, Transportation, Other


An American specialist packaging consultancy has developed software which accurately predicts the compression stress on distribution packaging as a function of pallet design, package design, unit load design and unit load storage practices. It will also predict the compression strength, weight, and optimum dimensions of corrugated boxes as well as select the optimum fit of distribution packaging to pallets and unit loads to shipping containers. Finally, the software documents packaging mass, volume, and cost data for managing sustainability goals.
The software enables manufacturers and shippers to optimise all distribution packaging elements from primary cases to pallets in order to ensure protection of the goods whilst minimising the required packaging. The system can be used for all kinds of food, non-food, home improvement and other product categories.
Best Load® software has been in development since 2007 by White & Company of the USA.
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Potential Benefits

This technology enables distributors and shippers to minimise packaging requirement of a product from the design stage without jeopardising performance or increasing damage in the supply chain. 

Intellectual Property

Best Load® packaging optimization services are available exclusively through White & Co. The Best load software is registered by White & Company in the USA

Consultant View

This new software represents a useful new tool to aid companies in packaging reduction.  Traditionally packaging reduction initiatives involve field trials and testing of existing packs and units of dispatch.  With the new software it is possible to accurately model pack performance in simulated distribution scenarios and thereby optimise the amount and type of material used.
Reviewers who are interested in this technology will find other examples of distribution packaging reduction within the REID database.  Try searches using the search terms "Packaging reduction", "Palletisation" and "Distribution packaging" to discover other relevant examples.

Contacts and Further Information

White & Company
1701 Kraft Drive, Suite 134
Blacksburg, VA 24060
Tel: 001 (540) 552-1158
Fax (540) 552-1178

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