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Plastic shield prolongs wooden pallet life by reducing fork lift damage

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Plastic shield prolongs wooden pallet life by reducing fork lift damage
Innovative plastic shield protects wooden pallets from fork lift damage and reduces product damage from strapping.
In Use – Commercially available in the US.

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A US based pallet company has designed a plastic shield intended to tackle the issue of wooden pallet damage caused by fork lift trucks in distribution environments.
The solution is an innovative plastic shield that protects the pallet entry points from forklift damage. It also eliminates product damage caused by strapping and top lead board damage. Application of the pallet shield makes a wooden pallet stronger, more durable, and more effecient.  It's easily added and easily removed as it is fixed in place with 12 screws.
The guard is produced with 100% recycled polypropylene.   
The PointGUARD™ pallet shield was developed by United Pallet Systems of the USA.
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Potential Benefits

Theprimary benefit of this solution is to prevent or reduce damage to wooden pallets within distribution operations. High levels of pallet damage are a feature of many supply chain operations and this can in turn lead to product loss and damage. This solution is a useful aid to reducing both issues. The solution also reduces other forms of product damage such as strapping damage.

Intellectual Property

The new pallet shield was developed by and is marketed under the PointGUARD™: by United Pallet Systems of Modesto California.

Consultant View

The main barrier to more widespread adoption of this system is that it is likely to be confined to "closed loop" distribution operations where the pallet stock is used and managed within a defined set of locations such that the pallets do not move outside the operation.  Open systems would allow the pallets to become dispersed and therefore it is unlikely that operators would achieve any return on the necessary investment if the pallets are subsequently exchanged with other companies.
Even in closed situations, the cost benefit of procuring, fitting and maintaining these devices will also have to be justified against the potential cost of pallet and product damage within an operation. Harsh operating environments such as movement of building materials or heavy pallets such as are found in beverage distribution operations, are likely to see the greatest benefit of fitting these devices.
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Contacts and Further Information

United Pallet Services, Inc.
4043 Crows Landing Rd
Modesto, CA 95358
Tel: 001 209.538.5844

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