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Mobile platforms enable transport vehicles to carry additional pallets

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Mobile platforms enable transport vehicles to carry additional pallets
Collapsable frames enable non-stackable loads to be doubled up in transit.
In Use – Commercially available, launched in May 2012.

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A specialist manufacturer of transportation equipment has developed a range of collapsable pallet sized platforms which fit over the top of an existing loaded pallet.  This creates an additional level within the distribution vehicle onto which a further pallet can be loaded to in effect double the load capacity of the vehicle.  The frames are intended for use when the pallet on the bed of the vehicle is of an unstable nature or irregular shape, and additional pallets cannot be stacked directly on top of it.
The STAKA (TM)  platforms have been developed by Shipmore Limited of Hemel Hempstead in the UK.  The frames are made from either Aluminium or Steel and weigh between 30-60Kg and are fully collapsable.  Each has a carrying capacity of 500Kg and is designed to be very stable in use. 
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Potential Benefits

This product can significantly increase the load efficiency of distribution vehicles. THis is particularly important as supply chain dynamics are changing. Increasingly small or mixed pallet loads are being shipped, leading to low vheicle  fill volumes during transit. In such cases deployment of the Staka platforms will facilitate loading of additional pallets which would otherwise have had to be loaded onto a separate vehicle.

Intellectual Property

The STAKA (TM) collapsable platforms have been designed and trademarked by Shipmore Limited in the UK.

Consultant View

This is a simple reusable system which will enable additional goods to be carried on distribution vehicles and trailers in certain situations.  However, the system has some drawbacks in terms of its limited weight carrying capacity and the weight of the steel frames version at 60Kg may prove prohibitive as it restricts the overall load carrying capacity of the distribution vehicle.  However, for certain applications there is no doubt that this solution will prove very useful.
The aluminium platforms weigh around 30Kg which is similar to a traditional pallet and therefore the load carrying capacity of a vehicle will not be greatly impacted by carrying a number of Staka frames.  However, this system cannot be used to carry heavy loads over 500Kg per pallet and pallet height may also be an issue depending on the vehicle or trailer configuration.
Nonetheless, this is an innovative solution to a problem that is becoming increasingly prevalent as more small or mixed pallet loads are being shipped. It could also potentially be a useful solution for home delivery of mail order products, where damage levels due to poor loading and stacking during transit can be high.
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Contacts and Further Information

Philippa Bell
Shipmore Limited
Unit 25
Bourne End Mills Ind. Estate
Hemel Hempstead,
Tel 01442 872986
Fax 01442 876381

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