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Reusable glass bottle stabilisation system

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Reusable glass bottle stabilisation system
Two-part reusable system provides improved stabilisation for glass bottle stacks in transit
In Use – Commercially available

Reuse, Storage and Transport efficiency

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Bottles and jars, Pallets, RTP

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Supply Chain handling systems and store replenishment


A manufacturer of load restraining systems has developed a two-part reusable system for stabilising loads of glass bottles in transit. The system relies on two elements to give stability to palletised loads in transit and both elements are fully reusable. The first element is the Smartpad, a specially designed contoured plastic layer pad.  The waved edge design of the pad aids stability and actually encourages the bottles to migrate towards the centre of the pallet when subject to the sort of vibrations experienced in transit and automated handling.  The second element is the Smartframe constructed from a two-part assembly that encases springs capable of providing 1000kg of stored energy. The Smartframe™ is comparable in weight to conventional frames but is more hygienic.

When applied to tall packs the frame compensates for elastic properties of the vertical strapping, resulting in less percentage loss of strap tension compared to the conventional wooden and rigid plastic top-frames.
The new system is manufactured and supplied  by LoadHog.

Potential Benefits

This solution offers significantly improved stack stability over conventional solutions, and therefore offers potential for reduced product and packaging losses in the supply chain. At the same time, the solution is fully returnable and reusable, thereby offering packaging and packaging waste savings when compared to single-use solutions.

Intellectual Property

The manufacturer of the new system is LoadHog and the system is trademarked under the Smartstak brand. The pad is trademarked Spartpad™ and the top frame Smartframe™

Consultant View

The new glass bottle stabilisation system has been specifically designed to tackle the major issues encountered when transporting glass bottles.  Such items are inherrently unstable and pallet failure in transit can be costly.  Therefore, this new system has good potential to reduce damage levels and reduce the impact of transit packaging.  However, the commercial aspects of adopting a reusable stabilisation system need to be taken into account and therefore this solution may not be suitable for all situations where glass bottles need to be transported.
Reviewers who are interested in this stabilisation system should consult the REID database further to discover other examples of returnable transit packaging, and packaging reduction.
However, the new system will have a greated initial cost compared to traditional layer pads and strapping solutions so the commercial viability will need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis before adoption. 
Reviewers interested in improved solutions for beverage packaging distribution should interrogate the database for further relevant entries using search term combinations such as "Beverages" and "Transit packaging".

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