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New pack significantly extends the shelf life of bananas

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New pack significantly extends the shelf life of bananas
Two-part pack reduces the amount of oxygen around the product whilst promoting the level of CO2.
In Use – Currently being trialled in USA by Dole Fresh Fruit Company.

Product Waste Reduction, Shelf life extension

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A large scale American produce distributor has developed an innovative new pack specifically aimed at promoting the sale of fresh bananas whilst reducing product waste.
Bananas are a very delicate product and prone to over ripening and discolouration, both of which are likely to reduce sales and result in waste arising at the store or in the home.  Therefore, the pack was designed with two features which tackle these shelf life issues.  Firstly, the banana pack is split into two separate pouches or sections.  The aim of this feature is to allow consumers to open one pouch to access some of the product whilst leaving the other pouch sealed.
The second feature is that the packaging film is designed with microperforations which ensure that the level of oxygen surrounding the fruit is kept at a minimum whilst carbon dioxide levels are kept high.  Through this simple measure the life of the fruit can be extended for up to 6 days according to the company.
The new double pouch banana bags are manufactured by Dole Fresh Fruit, a subsidiary of the Dole Food Co.Inc of the USA and the Freshpacks are currently being trialled in stores around Amarillo.  The packs will be rolled out to other outlets in the US following the success of the trial.
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Potential Benefits

The manufacturers claim that this new packaging solution has the potential to extend the shelf life of bananas by up to six days. This significantly extended shelf life will reduce the proportion of bananas wasted both in the supply chain and in the home. Current estimates suggest around 80,000 tonnes of banana are wasted in the UK each year (excluding skins).

Intellectual Property

The new Freshpack has been developed by Dole Fresh Fruit company of USA .

Consultant View

This new pack has two design features targetted specifically at the challenges faced by the distributor when selling bananas.  The twin issues of delaying the ripening process and enabling the consumer to access some of the fruit whilst keeping the remainder in a high carbon dioxide environment have been tackled by a relatively simple change of packaging. Other banana distributors should investigate the potential to develop their own solutions, although close attention should be paid to ensure that intellectual property protection for this solution is not infringed.
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Contacts and Further Information

Bil Goldfield
Communications Manager
Dole Fresh Fruit Company
One Dole Drive
Westlake Village
CA 91362
Tel: 001 818-874-4000

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